STEAM Integration at MPS

This week in REACH students conducted a candy corn Investigation. Students used the scientific method to predict, observe, record data, and summarize the results from placing a candy corn in water, salt water, water and baking soda, and water and vinegar to see what happens to the candy corn once placed in the substance.





Third grade students from Pod A participated in an Economics Marketplace last week. They have been learning about the foundations of Economics. Students were able to create products, design a store, come up with a slogan, commercial, and product description. Then students took inventory of consumer interest and decided based on their supply and demand whether to raise or lower the price of their product. Students then had the opportunity to shop at their classmates stores and give feedback as the consumer.





Mr. Nichols' class has some great projects going on. See the message below from Mr. Nichols:

Our class spent two days planning & testing our seed dispersal projects. The students were able to use materials to design and build a representation of different methods of seed dispersal. I assigned them a partner and a dispersal method and they had to plan, design, and develop a model to show how their seed traveled. We talked about how seeds can travel by water, wind, explosion, attachment, gravity and even animals. The students then took turns presenting their design while another classmate videoed their presentation. They were then able to upload their video to SeeSaw so that they could show their parents their hard work.




Nichols 5




Mrs. Beall's 3rd grade class worked on a STEM project focusing on map skills by recreating their classroom using cardinal and intercardinal directions last week. Students were able to do a gallery walk of all the different maps that were created. This is another example of great student work going on at MPS.

Mrs. Beall's 3rd Grade Class

Mrs. Beall




Second grade students in Mrs. Oliver’s room have been working hard to incorporate STEM activities into their curriculum. Students have designed a structure strong enough to hold a book and designed a process to save “Fred” their gummy worm from drowning.

Mrs. Oliver's Class

Mrs. Oliver's Class




Each morning, second grade students in Mrs. Williams room unpack and begin their day with STEM bins! Students have a STEM bin, partner, and many tasks they may choose from to create. These two kiddos engineered a greenhouse with a continuous waterfall. This idea was not on a task card. They came up with this invention all on their own!!

Mrs. William's Class




Students in Mrs. Elliott's 3rd grade classroom have also been participating in STEM activities. In this project, students were given the the same resources: 2 pieces of construction paper, 12 inches of tape, and 2 pair of scissors. Students were asked to see which group could make the longest paper chain in 30 minutes. They had to plan the best way to cut the strips and how to conserve the tape. MPS students are constantly using the engineering process.

Mrs. Elliott's Class

Mrs. Elliott's Class



In this challenge, students from Mrs. Lakey, Mrs. Beasley, and Mrs. Rhodes class used materials to design and build a representation of various methods in which seeds are dispersed in nature. Students followed the steps of the engineering design process for this challenge; they were given a dispersal method and they had to plan, design, and develop a model to mimic seed dispersal by either water, wind, explosion, attachment, gravity and animals.


3rd grade


3rd grade